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In point of fact no person is happier to devour a cupcake than Littlewoods

In 2022, my circle of relatives of 4 spent $10,209.68 on groceries. That averages out to $850.81 monthly, which is $212.70 in line with particular person. We’re two adults (ages 39 and almost-39) and two children (ages 7 and 5). As of late I convey you an exposé, a deep dive into what we devour, the place we purchase it, how we get ready it and what kind of we spend on it. Ever puzzled what I devour? Marvel not more!!!

Do You In fact Know What You Spend on Meals?

I stroll round with an concept in my thoughts about what we devour and what kind of we spend on it, however I sought after to interrogate that assumption. Did I if truth be told know what we spent remaining 12 months? And what sort of that used to be in line with particular person? NOPE I didn’t. Regardless of carefully monitoring our spending with Non-public Capital every month–and sharing it right here on Frugalwoods for the arena to pass judgement on–I haven’t been within the addiction of tallying up our annual bills via class.

Mr. Frugalwoods, higher referred to as Nate, at a marriage we went to this autumn

I do know what we spend in a 12 months, however I hadn’t performed the granular breakdown. And what may well be extra illuminating, extra tantalizing than understanding what we spent on FOOD?! It’s the frugal hallmark, it’s the encapsulation of the cliche “you might be what you devour,” coupled with my non-public favourite cliche “the way you spend your cash dictates the kind of lifestyles you’ll lead.”

Groceries and menu making plans are essentially the most repeatedly mentioned subjects among Frugalwoods readers.

I do know this as a result of they arrive up in:

It’s omnipresent as a result of we will have to devour.

Glad little eaters!

Groceries are the high instance of a “Reduceable” expense. When taking a look at any person’s spending, I love to categorize the entirety as both Mounted, Reduceable or Discretionary:

  • Mounted bills are issues you can’t trade. Examples: your loan and debt bills.
  • Reduceable bills are essential for human survival, however you keep an eye on how a lot you spend on them. Examples: groceries and gasoline for the automobiles.
  • Discretionary bills are issues that may be eradicated totally. Examples: trip, haircuts, consuming out.

The Venn Diagram of Frugal and Wholesome

Hitting the “surf” with my absolute best Kidwoods gal friend

As you’ll word, I don’t have the most cost effective, maximum naked bones meals funds. Moderately, I attempt to hit the intersection of frugal, wholesome and scrumptious. I will be able to’t put a value on my well being–or my husband’s or youngsters’s well being–so I do certainly spend extra on meals we view as wholesome.

Q: Liz, do you suppose you’re a nutritionist?

A: No, I don’t. I do know our vitamin is imperfect, however it works for us. 

As you’ll see within the under Venn Diagram (which I 100% made up… ), the objective for me is to hit the crossover level the place I think like we’re getting “wholesome” meals–the kales of the arena–however heading off the costliest tactics to ship those kales into our lives.

Right here’s an instance: at our warehouse retailer BJ’s (similar to Costco or Sam’s Membership), I purchase 1 lb of ORGANIC generic tremendous vegetables (kale, spinach, and many others) for $4.99. FOUR DOLLARS & NINETY-NINE CENTS (this could be such a lot more straightforward if they simply charged $5…). Have been I to buy this at Entire Meals or our native Coop, I’d spend double that for a smaller container. That is what I’m speaking about after I warning in opposition to dear grocery shops!

Our Grocery Buying groceries Checklist via Retailer

A lone purple onion, simply seeking to make it on the planet

I first of all wrote out this record–and meal plan–on the request of one in every of my personal monetary session shoppers. She sought after to peer what we devour and purchase and so, I attempted my absolute best to jot down down the entirety we devour and the place we purchase it.

We store roughly two times a month and don’t purchase all of these things every time. Moderately, that is the full review of the entirety we purchase and our bi-weekly lists trade as wanted. Plus, this doesn’t account for area of expertise foods, similar to at Christmas and for birthdays. The fee spreadsheet (under) does come with the ones foods, however I didn’t put the substances right here since they’re rare and sporadic.

Q: Liz, have you learnt there’s numerous privilege in having the money and time to shop for bulk, uncooked substances and prepare dinner them from scratch?

A: Completely, which is why I contextualize this as what I do and what works for my circle of relatives. I will not struggle systemic financial disparities, a lot as I wish to.

Good enough, right here’s our record divided via supply:


Bought from the Co-op (ordered from their bulk division kind of as soon as 1 / 4, see spreadsheet for exact dates):

  • Natural Rolled Oats, 25lb bag (what we devour for breakfast)
  • Natural White Entire Wheat Flour, 50lb bag (what we bake our bread with)
  • Dried Garbanzo Beans, 25lb bag (what we make hummus with)

Bought from our Farmer Neighbors (see spreadsheet for dates and amounts):

  • Entire free-range chickens (we purchased 14 in 2022)
  • Grass-fed, free-range flooring red meat (we purchased 8 lbs in 2022)
  • Maple syrup (after we run out of syrup we’ve made)

Bought from Hannaford’s (usual grocery retailer):

Our maple syrup: One jar from every boiling & canning consultation

  • Garlic (recent)
  • Ginger (recent)
  • Onions (yellow and purple)
  • Grapes
  • Crimson cabbage
  • Inexperienced onions
  • Tofu
  • Entire wheat pasta
  • Tea
  • Baking provides as wanted (sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa powder, and many others)
  • Butter

Bought from our native Asian Marketplace:

  • Fish sauce
  • Rice wine vinegar
  • Mirin
  • Toasted sesame oil
  • Crimson miso
  • Gochujang

Bought from BJ’s (a warehouse retailer very similar to Costco and Sam’s Membership):

  • Natural salad vegetables
  • Lemons
  • Limes

    Yep. I took a photograph of my salad vegetables. Only for you

  • Natural apples
  • Bananas
  • Clementines
  • Candy potatoes
  • Natural carrots (entire)
  • Cucumbers
  • Snap peas
  • Bell peppers
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Goat cheese 
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Feta cheese
  • Cheddar cheese
  • ½ n ½ 
  • Some kitchen helpers a couple of years again. I suppose Littlewoods used to be excited?

    Greek yogurt (simple)

  • Hen thighs (as had to complement the native entire chickens we purchase)
  • Frozen berries + kale combine
  • Pizza cheese
  • Pepperonis (for pizza)
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Brown rice
  • Natural quinoa
  • Dried cranberries
  • Natural raisins
  • Some more or less cracker/chip for the children (cauliflower sticks, veggie sticks, goldfish, and many others)
  • Natural peanut butter
  • Natural olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Soy sauce
  • Spices
  • Popcorn kernels (in bulk)
  • Sizzling cocoa
  • Espresso
  • Right through ski season simplest: granola/protein bars for the children to have of their coat wallet whilst at the slopes

Meals We Develop and Maintain on our Home:

My home made applesauce.

We’ve made different stuff from our gardens through the years–together with kimchi, dried tomatoes, and currant cordial–however the above is the stuff we persistently devour and make. The kimchi, dried tomatoes and currant cordial all tasted kinda bizarre… so, are living and be informed!

I additionally wish to be crystal transparent that each one of this could be less expensive if I purchased it from a shop.

Chickens must be fed and cared for, lawn seeds must be bought and planted and maintained, and canning is an actual ache. I do this stuff as a result of I experience them, not at all as a result of they get monetary savings. Doubtlessly this may save me cash over the VERY long run. Like if I’m nonetheless the use of the similar canning jars and hen coop in 40 years possibly I’ll smash even. No longer a shaggy dog story, people, no longer a shaggy dog story. So don’t worry when you don’t have the time or area to lawn or hen–you’re no longer lacking out on some primary money-saving cabal.

Our Meal Plan

Littlewoods peeling and coring apples for applesauce

And right here’s how we devour the ones meals. We’re more or less dull in that we’ve got a sexy usual rotation of meals. However we adore it that method.

I’m bored stiff in spending numerous time on meal making plans and cooking; thus, I’m very content material with a easy rotation.

I’d relatively have extra time and not more selection, which matches for me, however would possibly no longer give you the results you want! The important thing with meals–and all issues–is to determine what works for you and what you’ll have the ability to keep on with.


  • Natural rolled oats with cinnamon and a banana
    • This is similar for all 4 folks each unmarried day
  • Seasonally, we come with berries from our backyard

Lunch (Liz):

Lunch (Nate):

  • Cheese on toast (from our home made bread) and an apple
  • He’s additionally a monotonous one that eats the similar factor on a daily basis.

Grownup snacks choices:

  • Fruit, veggies, smoothies with simple Greek yogurt & frozen berries + kale from BJ’s, almonds, home made hummus (the use of the majority garbanzo beans from the Coop), cheese.

Children’ meals packed for varsity:

  • If you’re questioning, Littlewoods 100% dropped this egg onto the ground

    Snack instance: carrot sticks, apple slices, goldfish crackers/veggie straws/cauliflower chips (purchased in bulk programs from BJ’s)

  • Lunch instance: PB&J (home made bread, home made currant jam, natural PB from BJ’s), grapes, cucumber slices
  • They don’t get precisely this on a daily basis–it rotates in accordance with what recent fruit and greens are in the home:
    • Once we’ve eaten all of the recent stuff, they get such things as: raisins, dried cranberries, nuts, and many others. Then, we realize it’s time to move grocery buying groceries.
    • Occasionally I pack lunch meat and cheese sandwiches OR peanut butter and banana sandwiches OR leftover dinner pieces.

After college:

Afternoon Snack:

  • The children get no matter’s leftover of their lunch bins plus–relying on how hungry they’re–carrots, snap peas, cheese, home made apple sauce, almonds, toast, simple Greek yogurt, and many others.
  • Now we have apples, bananas and oranges at the counter that the children are all the time welcome to free-snack on:
    • Because of this, I in finding apple cores, orange peels and bits of banana all over the place my area.
    • Just lately discovered a desiccated carrot at the back of our piano… Children are nice.

Children’ Dinner:

  • Littlewoods planting tomatoes!

    Random leftovers:

    • Ultimate evening it used to be entire wheat pasta, ham (taken out of the freezer from the ham we cooked at Christmas), snap peas and banana slices.
  • Different commonplace child dinner pieces:
    • Salmon burgers (bought frozen from BJ’s)
    • Quinoa or brown rice (served with salt and olive oil)
    • Roasted candy potatoes (or different roasted veggie: carrots, cauliflower, and many others)
    • Leftover home made pizza
    • No matter recent fruit/veggie is to be had

Grownup Dinner: 

    1. Asian-inspired: vegetables, chopped purple cabbage, shredded carrots, sesame seeds, inexperienced onions, protein (tofu, hen or salmon) and Asian salad dressing.
      • I’d say that is almost definitely the yummiest of the 3, however it additionally takes the longest to make as a result of reducing up all of the substances and making the dressing.
      • Right here’s Nate’s recipe for this dressing:
        • Minced recent ginger, minced recent garlic, lime zest, lime juice, soy sauce, fish sauce, rice wine vinegar, mirin, toasted sesame oil, purple miso, and gochujang.
        • Mix substances and mix till easy.
    2. The littlest currant picker

      Cranberry & walnut: vegetables, cranberries, walnuts, goat cheese, roast hen OR salmon, balsamic vinegar.

      • This one is BY FAR the quickest and best possible. It takes ~3 mins to make.
      • Nate will roast/smoke a hen as soon as every week and slice it up. Then, I unload the substances in combination proper earlier than dinner.
      • The dressing for that is simply immediately balsamic vinegar, which provides to how fast and simple it’s to make.
    3. Greek-inspired: vegetables, garbanzo beans, feta cheese, cucumbers, inexperienced onions, white wine & garlic French dressing.
      • We favor this one all through summer season months.
      • The dressing for that is kinda made-up, during which I imply it’s 100% other each time I make it, however mainly… I whisk in combination olive oil, white wine, minced garlic, a drop of maple syrup, salt, pepper and purple pepper flakes. It will make sense for me to jot down down the amounts, however eh, lifestyles is just too quick.

Some other standard dinner choice (for children and adults):

Saturday evening particular dinner choices:

  • Do-it-yourself pizza! Nate makes use of the next recipe to make his crusts:
    • 454 grams water
    • 12 grams sugar
    • 25 grams olive oil
    • 1 tblsp yeast
    • 690 grams flour
    • 1 tblsp salt
  • Tacos!
  • Spaghetti and home made Bolognese sauce!

Weekly Bulk Cooking 

All of our “core” cooking occurs in bulk in order that each day, I’m simply throwing issues in combination.

Nate is in command of all core cooking, which incorporates making ready:

  • Carrot thief at the lamb

    Entire chickens

  • Hummus
  • Tofu
  • Salad dressings
  • Bread
  • Do-it-yourself pizza
  • Making jam over the summer season

Day-to-day Minimum Cooking

If I’ve time, I’ll do minimum day-to-day cooking of such things as:

  • Roasted candy potatoes
  • Quinoa
  • Rice
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts

A Observe On Child Foods

Q: Liz, how do you get your children to devour that stuff?

A: We observe the Ellyn Satter Institute Department of Tasks consuming style.

The ladies at their little “bistro desk” as Kidwoods calls it

When Kidwoods used to be about two years previous (and Littlewoods used to be 0 years previous), we started to put in force The Satter Department of Duty in Feeding protocol. That makes it sound tremendous critical, however it’s an easy, easy framework for feeding children that actually resonated with us, made intuitive sense to our circle of relatives, and that we proceed doing to nowadays.

Right here’s the rundown of this system, in line with their web site:

Your [parent] jobs with feeding are to . . .
  • Select and get ready the meals.
  • Supply common foods and snacks.
  • Make consuming occasions delightful.
  • Step by step, display your kid via instance behave at circle of relatives mealtime.
  • Be thoughtful of your kid’s loss of meals enjoy with out catering to likes and dislikes.
  • No longer let your kid have meals or drinks (except for for water) between meal and snack occasions.
  • Let your kid develop into the frame this is proper for him.
A part of your feeding process is to accept as true with your kid to . . .
  • Consume.
  • Consume the quantity he wishes.
  • Discover ways to devour the meals you experience.
  • Develop predictably in the best way this is proper for him.
  • Discover ways to behave smartly at mealtime.

My enthusiastic baking assistants

Because of following this way, our children are adventurous, keen eaters. Sure, they completely bitch about some meals. Sure, they on occasion totally keep away from consuming a selected meals on their plate. However, no, they’ve no longer starved and no, I don’t deviate from Satter’s technique. Does this way paintings for each kid? After all no longer! Does this way paintings for my children? Sure.

I feel the important thing for us is that we began after they had been very younger and feature been 100% constant. I in finding this way SO MUCH EASIER than catering to express likes/dislikes/lawsuits. My children have personal tastes–which they’re unfastened to voice–and I attempt to take the ones into account when making ready their foods. However, they don’t dictate what or how our circle of relatives eats.

How Do I Handle Child Lawsuits About Meals?

The fewer mentioned, the easier.

Nate and the Thanksgiving turkey!

Right here’s a pattern dialog from remaining week:

  • Littlewoods (age 5): “I HATE Brussels sprouts! I WILL NOT devour them! UGGGHHHHHH! Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!”
  • Me (age almost-39): “Good enough.”

THAT’S IT. No want to interact, contradict, power or be offering choices. If I power her to devour them, that’ll construct resentment and doubtlessly an dangerous/odd dating with meals. If I contradict her and say, “you really liked them the remaining time you ate them,” I’m simply including gas to her preschool rage and she or he’ll see this as a call for participation to dig in and struggle more difficult. If I presented an alternate meals, that will educate her that after she rudely whines a couple of meals, she will get rewarded with a unique meals.

Conversely, if I’m utterly unbothered and both don’t reply or simply say a breezy, “adequate,” it diffuses the placement practically instantly. She nonetheless didn’t devour the sprouts, however it didn’t create a scene or a combat. And for what it’s price, she ate them the following evening as a result of she’d forgotten she hated them, partly as a result of I hadn’t made a subject matter out of it.

Cookie baking!

If one in every of our children proclaims they don’t wish to devour ANYTHING on their plate, our reaction may be, “adequate.” In the event that they persist, our reaction is, “Then you definitely will have to no longer be hungry. If you’re hungry, that’s the meals you’ll select to devour. It’s as much as you whether or not or no longer you devour it.”

I will not take note a unmarried time within the remaining seven years of parenting when a kid didn’t devour a minimum of a few of their meal. Seems? They’re typically hungry sufficient.

Do I Ever Drive My Children to Consume One thing or “Check out One Chunk”?

Nope. Consistent with the Satter style, it’s as much as my children what and what kind of they select to devour of the meals I supply to them. I’m no longer of their our bodies and I don’t understand how hungry or complete they’re. Most significantly, I would like them to expand their very own satiety cues. If I continuously pressured them to devour kind of, they wouldn’t expand the self-regulation that’s so a very powerful to how we nourish our our bodies and experience meals. 

Littlewoods serving to me make pumpkin crisp for Thanksgiving!

In regards to the “take a look at only a chew” instructed, what do you suppose would occur if I’d pressured Littlewoods–in her enraged state–to take a chew of sprout? She would’ve spit it out and screamed. It wouldn’t topic how scrumptious it used to be, she sought after to turn out some extent and BE IN CHARGE.

When I discovered that this sort of instructed is ready energy–and has not anything to do with diet–it become so much more straightforward for me to disengage and diffuse.

Moreover, our sensible pediatrician reminded us early on that kids are bodily incapable of ravenous themselves earlier than the age of seven. In different phrases, if a neurotypical child is hungry sufficient, they are going to devour what’s on their plate.

You, the guardian, are in rate of shopping for and making ready meals. You, the guardian, are answerable for figuring out the vitamin your circle of relatives will devour. It isn’t the position of a kid to call for, threaten or beg for positive meals.

DISCLAIMER: After all there are a selection of sensory issues, neurodivergent studies, disabilities, meals hypersensitive reactions and different problems that make this an unsafe, unimaginable and even bad way for some youngsters and households. Once more, I’m sharing this as it’s what works for us.

Do I Ever Let my Children Consume Junk?

Canning beans! With bean on particular person

Completely. At birthday events, cook-outs, Valentine’s Day events, and many others, they’re allowed to devour no matter’s at the menu: chips, scorching canines, cake, sweet, soda, juice, and many others. They remember that those are big day meals and I allow them to self-regulate (to a point) how a lot of this meals they devour.

There used to be a memorable enjoy when Kidwoods used to be 4 and she or he ate 4 hotdogs at a cookout and really just about threw up… I will be able to inform you that taught her A LOT about satiety and self-regulation.

Every day, we let our children have a “deal with of the day,” which will also be no matter they would like and isn’t related to a meal. Treats are fed on after college all through our circle of relatives “tea time” after we take a seat down and percentage about our days.

Out to lunch for Littlewoods’ birthday!

The ladies can pick out a work of sweet from their Halloween/Valentine’s/Easter/Birthday Celebration baggage, a home made baked excellent (if we now have any), a cup of scorching cocoa with marshmallows, or one thing like toast with maple syrup on best.

I love having “deal with time” divorced from foods as it obviates the “you wish to have to devour your wholesome meals first” dialog that may encompass after-meal cakes. Once more, I don’t power my children to “simply take yet another chew” or “prevent consuming” or “do this please.” Having the deal with exist by itself–and no longer as a “praise” for consuming–turns out to paintings smartly for us.

What We Spent in 2022

Alrighty, what you’ve been looking ahead to… right here’s the breakdown of the way a lot we spent on meals all through every month of 2022:

Month Groceries from Grocery Retailer Bulk Meals & Farmer Neighbor-sourced Meals Bulk & Farmer Neighbor-sourced Pieces Bought
January $868.73
February $770.08 $172.54 50 lbs of natural oats

50 lbs of natural white entire wheat flour

March $1,006.60
April $899.65 $160.10 50lbs of natural oats

25lbs of dry natural chickpeas

Might $689.02
June $692.08
July $601 $265 8 entire, frozen, free-range chickens (plus maple syrup and a few misc. produce)
August $630.56 $50.00 8lbs of native natural, grass-fed red meat
September $636.70 $83.29 50 lbs of natural oats
October $673.97 $8.57 Yeast for bread
November $810.64 $110.12 Thanksgiving turkey + maple syrup
December $939.03 $142.00 6 entire, frozen, free-range chickens
Subtotal Spent Consistent with Class: $9,218.06 $991.62
General Spent in 2022: $10,209.68
Moderate: $850.81 monthly $212.70 in line with particular person monthly

Q: Liz, do you know that numerous folks spend so much lower than you on groceries?

A: Sure, I do. As I famous, my objective isn’t to spend absolutely the naked minimal on meals. Moderately, it’s to hit that central level at the Venn Diagram the place frugal meets wholesome (and scrumptious!).

How To Save Cash On Groceries in 8 Simple-Peasy Steps

In last, right here’s the briefest imaginable record I may just get a hold of:

  1. Kidwoods making “dinner” with cucumber and currants

    Store at reasonably priced shops:

    • Do away with the Entire Meals and fancy Co-ops of the arena out of your regimen.
  2. Purchase bulk, uncooked substances:
    • At all times intention for the base-level factor.
    • You need bread? Purchase flour. You need carrot sticks? Get entire carrots. You need hummus? Purchase dry garbanzo beans.
  3. Be selective about natural merchandise and find generic natural choices.
  4. Restrict meat and fish intake.
  5. At all times store from a listing. Don’t attempt to wing it within the retailer.
    • Be brutally truthful about what, and what kind of, your circle of relatives will devour.
    • No one cares what you devour. Do what works for YOU.
  6. Devise a easy rotation of foods that you’ll simply, time and again execute.
  7. Don’t waste meals. Consume it up or freeze it.
  8. Keep away from packaged and closely processed meals (see #2):
    • Whilst you do want packaged meals, get them in bulk, i.e. large baggage of raisins from BJ’s versus small, personally packaged bins.

Create Frugal Meals Conduct

Licking the oven… I imply, why no longer?

All of that is about growing routines and conduct. When you’re on this groove, it’ll be simple to iterate on. Sure, it’s a moderately painful finding out curve in the beginning, however while you cross frugal, you hardly ever ever return.

Take, for instance, how we bake our personal bread in our backyard sale bread device. Used to be it a finding out curve in the beginning? Clearly sure. Does it now take me 2 mins to arrange? Additionally sure. Will I ever return to shopping for dear entire wheat natural bread from the shop? By no means ever.

Now that I understand how to make natural entire wheat bread at house in 2 mins for tremendous affordable, why would I ever revert to my prior to now dear tactics? It’s less expensive, more fit, tastes higher, engages my children in cooking and makes my area odor AMAZING. The trick is to start out those conduct, engrain them into your regimen after which stay on maintaining on.

What are your tips and pointers for consuming frugal and wholesome?

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